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  情节概要 [英语巴士网,]

  西蒙斯被吐出在一个外星星球上,她先是等待着传送门的重新开启,然后去寻找食物和水,一个长着触角的可以杀死人的生物提供了一块有水和食物的地方。后来她被威尔 丹尼尔斯(Dillon Casey饰)—一名滞留在这个星球上十四年的宇航员 发现。他俩在威尔的隐藏地穴里一起生活了数月,同时躲避着一团杀死了数百年来所有进入传送门的人的充满恶意的东西。偶然间西蒙斯找出了怎样测算传送门什么时候打开的方法,但是那团东西阻止了他们接近传送门,最终西蒙斯和威尔产生了恋情。又过了一个半月,她获救了留下了威尔一个人在那里。


  所以这到底是爱德华和雅各布(《暮光之城》里的角色)那样的关系还是威尔只是珍玛一时糊涂的选择呢?在看完这集后不可避免的问了伊丽莎白 亨斯屈奇(西蒙斯的扮演者)这样的一个问题:如果这两个人同时出现在她的面前,她会选谁?她的回答如下:老实讲,大概是菲兹吧,因为最开始,就在她刚到那里的时候,菲兹是她感情上的寄托,尽管她独自一人,但是她会跟菲兹(的照片)说话,而且一直都只是跟菲兹的照片说话。尽管她和威尔之间产生了恋情——但是在最后,她一看见信号弹便立刻奔向了菲兹,他和她已经密不可分。

  威尔 性感的宇航员















  Warning: Spoilers ahead for this week’s episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


  Simmons finally gets an episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to herself, and it’s a doozy. We find out what happened during those “4,722 Hours” on the alien planet, and the revelations make things more complicated rather than less. Yahoo TV also got to ask Elizabeth Henstridge the question that’s now burning in everyone’s mind.


  The Plot


  Simmons gets spit out on the alien twilight planet. She waits around for the portal to re-open, then sets off in search of food and water; an oasis populated by a killer tentacle creature provides both. Related: Get Caught Up With Our ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ RecapsShe gets captured by Will Daniels (Dillon Casey) — an astronaut stranded on the planet for the last 14 years. They live in his hidey-hole for months, escaping the view of a malicious entity that’s been killing people who enter the portal for centuries. Simmons figures out how to plot when the portal will open, but the entity prevents them from going through. Eventually, she and Will become romantically involved, and a month and a half later, she is rescued, leaving Will behind.


  The Triangle


  So, is this a Team Edward/Team Jacob situation? Or was Will just a fling for Jemma? The obvious question to ask Elizabeth Henstridge after watching that episode is: If both men were right there in front of Simmons, who would she choose? Here is what she told us:“Probably Fitz, honestly. Because, at the start, she leant on Fitz emotionally so much while she was out there. Even though she was on her own, she would speak to Fitz and only Fitz the whole time. And even when she and Will were romantically involved — as soon as she saw that flare at the end, her mind immediately went to Fitz. He’s deep down in her bones.”


  Will, the Hot Astronaut


  What’s with Agents constantly hiring dudes who are easily mistaken for Ward? Is every actor in L.A. a dark-haired guy with a beard, or are the writers just really specific about what kind of eye candy they like to see on TV? This is an ABC show, so we probably won’t see the sort of teenage love triangles you get on The CW, but it’s definitely possible we’ll see him brought back and causing friction at S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ. And what was with the last shot of the episode? Was that actually sunlight, or was it symbolic of the entity driving him crazy?


  “You’re Dead, Beeyotch!”


  Season 1 Simmons may not have just collapsed and died waiting for Fitz to save her, but it’s also hard to imagine her being as bad-ass as she is now in Season 3. She’s smart (building an arrow and cairns out of rock to alert any rescuers), strong (taking on that tentacle beast on its home turf), and she’s got swagger (burping like a Viking after a horn of mead). Even if the team hadn’t figured out how to manipulate the monolith, she was well on the way to rescuing herself; she’s basically her own cavalry.


  “Talk to Me, Fitz.”


  How much of Jemma’s PTSD is actually guilt? On the one hand, she feels guilty about leaving Will. On the other hand, she feels guilty for her relationship with Will while Fitz was single-mindedly obsessed with rescuing her. Surely it’s understandable — at your very lowest point, when you might legitimately be looking at the last human you’ll ever see — that you might abandon Plan A for the next best thing. But when it turns out Plan A actually went undercover to steal ancient artifacts from Moroccan gangsters? Shame City: Population, 1.


  “I’d Kill for a Glass of Wine.”That line gives her breakdown in the restaurant some added depth. And the breakdown in the shower? What a complicated mix of terror and relief and remorse and maybe even happiness? Time to go back and re-watch last week’s episode.1


  Line of the Night“What’d you think, I was going to build a helicopter?” “Kinda.” If you’re a hot astronaut trapped on a planet for 14 years who rescues a pretty girl, expectations can run pretty high.



《美国谍梦》第五季终 静待最终季!


《我本坚强 》第三季剧透


以上就是《神盾局特工》第三季第五集剧情的全部内容了,想要了解更多精彩的内容,大家可点击【 经典美剧 】来看哦~同时英语巴士网会持续为大家更新最新的内容,大家可进入英语巴士网首页选择自己需要的来查看呦(^_^)