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  In today's workplace, there are moreways to damage your career than ever before. An errant tweet. Anerroneous Facebook post. A heated email exchange. All of these cansully an otherwise impeccable reputation, as can a litany of faux pasin front of your coworkers。



  Workplace expert Alexandra Levit,author of "How'd You Score That Gig?" shares her insights for avoiding the stumbling blocks and temptations that in habit our work lives and work spaces。

  职场专家Alexandra Levit著有"How'd You Score That Gig?"一书,她分享了自己关于如何避开工作生活中的那些绊脚石和诱惑的建议:

  1. Keep your focus on the networking part of social networking。


  She says, "You have to set boundariesas to how you use various social networks (e.g. Facebook for personal,LinkedIn for professional) and make sure you communicate thoseboundaries so that feelings aren't hurt." While Facebooking has becomea part of many people's workdays, Levitt says, "Don't let your boss and coworkers catch you chatting and playing with Facebook applications when you should be working."


  2. Avoid sending a tweet in the heat of the moment。


  Twitter is a great tool to help raise your reputation. Levit advises, "Use your real name on Twitter tonet work with people you wouldn't have the chance to communicate with inreal life, and send them valuable information or interesting tidbits about their field. Just don't get caught up in the heat of the moment.Before you post something on Twitter, think about whether you'd want to read it on the front page of the Wall Street Journal。


  3. Finding friends at the office is fine but don't look for love。


  You spend a lot of time at the office,so it may be tempting to become involved with a colleague. She states,"You can pursue friendships in other departments and with friends ofyour coworkers, but don't ever date a boss or a direct report. Andrefrain from dating an immediate coworker unless you can handle seeingthat person every day if the relationship goes south."


  4. Appearances count around the office。


  Don't let casual Fridays be yourfashion downfall. Levit, also the author of "Success for Hire," says,"Pay attention to what constitutes business casual in your workplace(i.e. what others are wearing) and dress accordingly -- althoughbusiness casual usually means khakis and a button- down shirt. And nomatter what the trend du jour is, "Don't ever wear short-shorts orflip-flops to work."

  不要让星期五的便装日成了你的时装秀。Levit还著有"Success forHire"一书,她说:“留心办公室的商业休闲装是什么(比如,其他人穿什么)然后照着那个标准着装,虽然商业休闲装通常就是卡其裤和钮扣衬衫。不管流行趋势是什么,都绝对不要穿超短裙或人字拖鞋去上班。

  5. Practice proper email etiquette。


  Almost everyone has trouble managingtheir inboxes these days, so don't be so quick to send unnecessaryemails -- or those that might stir the pot around the office. Shecounsels, "Only 'reply to all' if every person on the string reallyneeds to hear what you're saying. Always check the list of people inthe 'to' and 'cc' lines before sending any e-mail. Don't hit reply tooquickly in case that reply-to-all function is accidentally on, anddon't use e-mail for negative or controversial discussion."


  6. Think before you speak。


  Converse carefully with coworkers,especially at first. "Spend more time listening than you do speaking.Show an interest in other people, but don't discuss anything that you wouldn't talk about with your grand mother or religious officiant --especially with a coworker you don't know extremely well. In general,steer clear of sex, drugs, and politics," she reveals。


  7. It's good to be heard -- but not all the time。


  Watch your volume control around the office. And don't be afraid to speak up if someone else's volume is distracting you. Levit urges, "Say nicely that you're on the phone witha client and ask if he wouldn't mind keeping it down a bit. Never allow your desire to avoid confrontation affect your work effectiveness."

  在办公室要注意控制你的音量。而且在别人说话打扰你的时候不要害怕提出意见。Levit 说:“礼貌地说你正在和客户通电话,询问他是否介意小声一点。永远不要因为害怕冲突而影响了你的工作效率。”

  8. Just say "no" to complaining。


  Everyone has complaints at the office,but it may be best to avoid sharing them with coworkers. She admits,"It's good to get negative emotions off your chest by venting to aclose friend or family member, but don't complain at work at all --people won't like you. Instead, think of ways to turn a bad situationinto a more positive one and approach your boss and coworkers with solutions rather than problems."


  9. Handle alcohol with care。


  Sometimes bonding over food and/ordrink is part of business. According to Levit, "It's OK to have fun athappy hour with your colleagues, but keep it to a one- or two-drinkmaximum. Don't drink at lunch or during daytime business meetings, anddon't ever get drunk with coworkers even in evening, social settings.You'll end up saying or doing something you'll regret (and yourcoworkers may not forget)."


  10. Know the difference between sharing and oversharing。


  There's a fine line between a caringco worker and an overbearing one. She urges, "Develop close friendshipswith coworkers over a period of time, assessing how much you can trustthem before you disclose too much personal information. However, do notassume someone is going to be your best friend just because you work inthe same office eight hours a day; and when in doubt, you should err onthe side of caution."






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