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Module 5 Ethnic Culture
1.(2014届蚌埠三中高三质检改编)The number of students in our class ________ more than 50 and the majority of them ________ from the countryside.
答案:is; are 考查主谓一致。句意:我们班有50多个学生,并且大部分都来自农村。the number of...“……的数量”,用作主语时,其谓语动词应用单数is;the majority of...“……的大多数”,用作主语时,其谓语动词取决于of后面的名词,此时them=students,是可数名词复数,其后动词显然应用复数,故应用are。
2.(2014届济南一中高三质检改编)According to experts, China needs to ________ its one child family planning policy to fight against a worsening gender (性别) imbalance and an aging population.
答案:adjust 考查动词词义。句意:专家认为,中国有必要调整只生一个孩子的计划生育政策,以应对性别比例失调和老龄化加剧问题。adjust“调整”,符合题意。
3.(2014届泰安高三质检改编)________(use) playing dumb with teachers. They know their students very well.
答案:It's no use 考查常用句型。句意:对老师装傻是没有用的,他们太了解学生了。It's no use doing sth.“做某事没有用”,符合句意。
4.(2014届天津和平区高三模拟改编)Armed with the information, you have gathered you can set ________ preparing your business plan.
答案:about 考查动词短语。句意:根据你所收集到的信息,你可以着手准备你的商业计划了。set about doing sth。“着手做某事”,符合句意。
5.Don't try to make________ any excuse, Alan. Tell me why you didn't come to school today.
答案:up 考查动词短语辨析。句意:不要编造什么借口,艾伦。告诉我今天为什么没来上学。make up“编造,杜撰”,符合句意。
6.________(Accuse) of stealing money from the bank, he was questioned by the police.
答案:Accused 考查过去分词作原因状语。he与accuse之间为逻辑上的动宾关系,因此用过去分词形式。
7.The town has ________ population of about 10,000 and 80% of ________ population are farmers.
答案:a; the 考查冠词。句意:这个镇大约有一万人口,其中百分之八十是农民。have a population of...“有……人口”;第二个空特指“这些人口”中的80%。
8.He rose slowly, his eyes still ________(fasten) on the piece of paper.
答案:fastened 考查独立主格结构。句意:他慢慢地站起来,眼睛仍盯在纸上。his eyes和fasten之间是被动关系,故应用其过去分词形式。
9.—Do you think it's going to rain over the weekend?
—I believe________.
答案:not 考查否定前移。句意:——“你看周末会下一整天的雨吗?”——“我想不会。”根据英语习惯,当think,believe,imagine,guess,expect等动词用于一般现在时的陈述句时。其后面内容若为否定,not的位置要前移,即把think或believe变为否定式;当后面的内容省略时,肯定式要说:I think/believe so.。
10.(2014届河南省濮阳三高高三上学期期末改编)—Tom, how was your party last night?
—It couldn't have been ________. I had a wonderful get­together with my old friends.
答案:better 考查形容词的比较等级。句意:——汤姆,你昨晚的聚会怎么样?——非常好。我和我的老朋友有一个很棒的聚会。从a wonderful get­together判断出聚会很棒,前面出现了couldn't,根据“否定词+比较级”相当于最高级的规律,It couldn't have been better意为“它不可能更好了”,相当于是“它是最好的,非常好”。
Peter: So, how long have you been __1__(live)here?
Ella:About six months now.
Peter: Why did you choose Beirut?
Ella:Because, Mike­my husband­and I have always loved Arab culture and__2__language. Mike's an English teacher and he got a job here in a language school.
Peter: Why did you want to take a year__3__?
Ella:Basically I wanted a break from teaching. I love__4__(teach)children but I needed a change. Also I've been drawing and painting__5__I was little but I've never really had the chance to study drawing.__6__this seemed like the perfect opportunity to have a change and learn to draw properly. I found a fantastic art teacher,__7__(call)Omayma, and I've been having classes with her since October. She' s great and she speaks English,__8__is lucky, because I don't know much Arabic yet. But I'm learning the language as__9__(quick) as I can.
Peter: Is Arabic a difficult language to learn?
Ella:Incredibly difficult! Especially the__10__(pronounce). You have to learn to make a lot of new sounds.
1.______ 2.______ 3.______ 4.______ 5.______
6.______ 7.______ 8.______ 9.______ 10.______
答案:   考查时态。此处表示一直持续到现在的情况,所以用现在完成进行时。
2.the  考查冠词。此处表示特指。  考查介词。take…off 表示“请假”。
4.teaching/to teach  考查非谓语动词。Love后面既可以跟to do也可以跟doing作宾语。
5.since  考查连词。根据句中的时态可知此处用since。
6.So 考查连词。此处表示顺承关系。
7.called  考查非谓语动词。此处过去分词作定语。
8.which  考查非限制性定语从句。同时从句中缺少主语,所以用which来引导。
9.quickly 考查副词。根据句子结构可知缺少状语,所以用副词,又因为as...as结构中需用原级,所以填quickly.
10.pronunciation  考查名词。
There's almost nothing good about goodbyes,but if something is missed, it is because it was good.I'm not good at writing and I don't think it's __1__ to write this article, but I really need to __2__ people who helped me __3__ this year, people who made __4__ in a different country easier.
The first day I got here, I went to make my __5__, and of course, the first person I got to meet was Carla. That's __6__ she's the first person I thank, because of all the help with classes and the __7__ she had with me.
Since as an exchange student, I can't __8__. I would like to thank all the people that sometimes offered me __9__. Thanks to all the people that were nice to me,__10__. They were friendly __11__ not knowing me, not __12__ a good day themselves, not understanding my __13__.
There's a lot more to be thankful __14__, but all I can say is that this was __15__ the best year of my life, and part of it is because of some people I met in this __16__ high school. Some of these people are already __17__, some are graduating, and some I just met this school year.
I strongly believe that friends are always friends, regardless of age,__18__, race or anything else; people in need deserve having a place in others' hearts. All the friends I __19__ there will always be on my mind. I'll __20__ them.
1.A.easy          B.hard
C.wise D.happy
答案:A 根据上文I’m not good at writing可判断出,对于不善于写作的作者来说,写这篇文章不是一件“容易的”事。
2.A.remember B.thank
C.recognize D.introduce
答案:B 根据下文可知,作者是想借此文对曾帮助过他的所有人表示感谢,因此选thank。
3.A.with B.up
C.through D.out
答案:C 此处意为“帮助我度过这一年的人”。help... through...意为“帮助……度过……”。
4.A.traveling B.studying
C.sightseeing D.settling
答案:B 根据下文可知,这些人使得作者在异国的“学 习”变得容易,因此选studying。
5.A.schedule B.decision
C.project D.appointment
答案:A 第一次来到一个陌生的国度准备学习,应该是 要制定一个“计划”,即schedule,而不是做“决 定”、做“项目”或是去“约会”。
6.A.because B.why
C.where D.when
答案:B 根据上一句the first person I got to meet was Carla可推出此处意为:那就是她是我第一个要感谢的人的原因。why引导表语从句,表原因。
7.A.patience B.toleration
C.agreement D.satisfaction
答案:A 作者要感谢的是她在功课上的帮助以及她对自己的耐心(patience)。
8.A.cook B.drink
答案:C 根据空前的Since as an exchange student,再借助选项可判断此处指“我不会开车”。不会“做 饭”、“喝酒”或“工作”都不符合逻辑。
9.A.wines B.meals
C.rides D.maps
答案:C 因为作者不会开车,只好搭别人的车,作者在此也对那些让他搭车的人表示感谢。offer sb.a ride为惯用搭配,表示“让某人搭便车”。 matter what and again
C.more or less any chance
答案:A 本句意为:无论如何,我得感谢所有对我好的人。no matter what有“无论如何”之意,符合语境。now and again“偶尔,时常”,more or less“或多或少”,by any chance“万一”,都不符合句意。
11.A.still B.even
C.once D.only
答案:B 此处意为:他们甚至都不认识我,但对我很友 好。用even表示强调。
12.A.sharing B.expecting
C.designing D.having
答案:D 根据空后的a good day themselves可知,应选 having。have a good day意为“度过愉快的一天”。
13.A.accent B.expression
C.feeling D.thought
答案:A 因为作者是在外国求学,所以肯定有很多人听 不懂他的口音(accent)。
C.with D.of
答案:A 此处是指作者有太多的人和事要感谢。be thankful for...为固定搭配,意为“感谢……”。
15.A.doubtfully B.relatively
C.frequently D.definitely
答案:D 作者在众多朋友的帮助下愉快地度过了一个学年,因此他认为这一年肯定是他一生中最美好的一年。definitely意为“肯定地”。
C.popular D.different
答案:B 作者来到异地求学,对他来说学校应是新 (new)学校。
17.A.graduated B.applied
C.reported D.separated
答案:A 根据后面的some are graduating(有的快毕业 了)可判断,此处指“有的已经毕业”,因此用 graduated(毕了业的)。
C.nationality D.district
答案:C 作者认为朋友永远是朋友,不论年龄、国籍 (nationality)、种族或是其他什么。
19.A.found B.made
C.dreamed D.heard
答案:B 作者表示会把所有的朋友记在心里。make friends意思是“交朋友”,为固定搭配。
20.A.lose B.believe
C.miss D.touch
答案:C 由上文可推出,作者会永远想念(miss)他们。
Being sociable looks like a good way to add years to your life. Relationships with family, friends, neighbours, even pets, will all do the trick, but the biggest longevity (长寿) boost seems to come from marriage or an equivalent relationship. The effect was first noted in 1858 by William Fart, who wrote that widows and widowers (鳏夫) were at a much higher risk of dying than their married peers. Studies since then suggest that marriage could add as much as seven years to a man's life and two to a woman's. The effect holds for all causes of death, whether illness, accident or self­harm. Even if the odds are stacked against you, marriage can more than compensate. Linda Waite from the University of Chicago has found that a married older man with heart disease can expect to live nearly four years longer than an unmarried man with a healthy heart. Likewise, a married man who smokes more than a pack a day is likely to live as long as a divorced man who doesn't smoke. There's a flip_side,_however, as partners are more likely to become ill or die in the couple of years following their spouse's death, and caring for a spouse with mental disorder can leave you with some of the same severe problems. Even so, the odds favour marriage. In a 30­year study of more than 10,000 people, Nicholas A. Christakis of Harvard Medical School describes how all kinds of social networks have similar effects.
So how does it work? The effects are complex, affected by socio­economic factors, health-service provision, emotional support and other more physiological mechanisms. For example, social contact can boost the development of the brain and immune system, leading to better health and less chance of depression later in life. People in supportive relationships may handle stress better. Then there are the psychological benefits of a supportive partner.
A life partner, children and good friends are all recommended if you aim to live to 100. The ultimate social network is still being mapped out, but Christakis says,“People are interconnected, so their health is interconnected.”
1.William Farr's study and other studies show that ________. life provides an effective cure for illness.
B.being sociable helps improve one's quality of life
C.women benefit more than men from marriage
D.marriage contributes a great deal to longevity.
答案:D 细节理解题。从文章第一段的“...but the biggest longevity (长寿) boost seems to come from marriage or an equivalent relationship.”可知,良好的婚姻关系可以使人长寿,故正确答案为D项。
2.Linda Waite's studies support the idea that ________.
A.older men should quit smoking to stay healthy
B.marriage can help make up for ill health
C.the married are happier than the unmarried
D.unmarried people are likely to suffer in later life
答案:B 细节理解题。根据文章第二段第一句“Even if the odds are stacked against you,marriage can more than compensate.”以及下文叙述可知,婚姻可以弥补身体上的疾病。
3.It can be inferred from the context that the “flip side” (Para. 2) refers to ________.
A.the disadvantages of being married
B.the emotional problems arising from marriage
C.the responsibility of taking care of one's family
D.the consequence of a broken marriage
答案:A 词义理解题。画线词后介绍了婚姻的一些弊端,结合上文内容可以推断“flipside”表示“另外一个方面”,即婚姻的弊端。故正确答案为A项。
4.What does the author say about social networks?
A.They have effects similar to those of marriage.
B.They help develop people's community spirit.
C.They provide timely support for those in need.
D.They help relieve people of their life's burdens.
答案:A 细节理解题。根据第二段最后一句及后文的叙述可知,社会网络关系有着同婚姻关系相同的影响。
5.What can be inferred from the last paragraph?
A.It's important that we develop a social network when young.
B.To stay healthy, one should have a proper social network.
C.Getting a divorce means risking a reduced life span.
D.We should share our social networks with each other.
答案:B 推理判断题。根据文章最后一段中的“A life partner, children and good friends are all recommended if you aim to live to 100.”可以判断出,如果你想要活到100岁,你需要有生活伴侣,孩子或是一些好朋友,即有恰当的社会网络关系。故正确答案为B项。
No fight can end,and no friendship can move on,until everyone says these little words:I'm sorry.Sometimes,though,they can be difficult to say.__1__
It is not about winning.
Friendships aren't like the Super Bowl,and there should never be a winner and a loser.When you start fighting with a friend,it may feel important that you“win” the fight by proving you're right and he is wrong,or by making him be the first to apologize.
In reality,you'll both lose if you let your fight ruin your friendship,and you'll both win if you find a way to heal it.
You may have heard the expression “His pride stood in the way”.It is usually used to describe a person who is so determined to be“right”that he lets an opportunity for happiness pass him by forever.__3__Remember:as time goes on,we usually forget who was right and who was wrong in a disagreement,and only remember the sadness of losing a friend.
Take the first step.
Are you sick of fighting?Do you think this fight is just not important enough to ruin your friendship?__4__ you don't have to take full responsibility for starting the fight,or even say that your feelings were wrong.But you should find something you did or said that's worth apologizing for.Maybe you're sorry that you let the fight go for so long,or that you over­reacted to something your friend did.If you say you're sorry,it's like an invitation for your friend to do the same.__5__
A.Then try to be the first to apologize.
B.Stop thinking about your pride.
C.It's about taking some responsibility for the argument.
D.Don't let this happen to a friendship you care about.
E.Here are some things to keep in mind.
F.There are some special cases when you shouldn't be the one to apologize first.
G.Once you've both said it,you'll both feel a million times better.
答案:1~5 EBDAG


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